It’s hard enough to start a new business in the best of times — let alone during 2020. But that doesn’t mean the passion, drive and ingenuity of new entrepreneurs shouldn’t be celebrated. That’s why Dropbox and T Brand gave those brave new businesses the ribbon-cutting moment they deserve.

To ramp up the fanfare, T Brand launched a multi-touchpoint campaign, leveraging a mix of media within The New York Times advertising ecosystem.

In a Pano-8 fold-out special section, we listed 60 new businesses opening in 2020 and profiled three in depth. To demonstrate that Dropbox is not just a file sharing tool but a platform for collaboration, we included a section showing how teamwork is more important for small businesses than ever.

Illustrations by Cristina Daura
Art Direction by Ellie Clayman
Creative Direction by Haywood R. Watkins III


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